Buy a company

As each M&A process and buyers’ interests and objectives are unique, it is of utmost importance to really get to know the client, to understand the company, as well as the motivations and the resulting added value sought by the acquisition.

A proactive and bespoke approach is key when it comes to buying a successful company. Submitting high-quality documents and personally contacting each of the companies to be acquired, in order to professionally and resourcefully put forward potential purchases, is a much more effective strategy than any other type of communication. It is the same process that you apply to your own products or services, with as many follow-up sessions and meetings as required to turn this process into a success.

We focus on communicating the value that will be added to the company acquired as a result of the acquisition. If someone is willing to sell their company to another, they want to know what will happen with, for example, the management team, the staff, the brand, etc. We, thanks to our negotiators and financial advisors, negotiate the lowest possible purchase price of a company by taking into account the benefits that the entire company will obtain, beyond the economic benefits that will surely be for the owner.

If it matches our client’s request, we carry out cross-border research. Our experience and cross-border approach is what makes us the perfect partner for cross-border M&A processes.

Finally, as one of our values, we stress the importance of follow-up and support throughout the entire process. We believe that it is fundamental for our team to handle the process from start to finish, as well as keeping the client informed about all the ins and outs of the operation at all times. It is important for the company to keep running in the meantime, with the owner (who will be advised beforehand by our team) only taking part in the key negotiations, leaving the rest up to us.

Our strong points


Our job is to understand each company, its strategy and the logic behind the purchase process, its investment criteria and the expected turnaround time for it to be executed. Based on these parameters, the entire process is put in place, broken down into its respective phases and objectives. We analyse the target market and its potential key players or those that adapt to the project’s objective.


Identifying the target companies according to the previously agreed parameters with our client involves intense and committed work. Furthermore, staying in touch with the owner is fundamental but not always easy. We advocate for a direct and first-rate approach, not only by email. It is extremely important to be aware of the possible reasons behind a company being willing to be sold so that it can be acquired in the best conditions and at the best possible price.


Mergers and acquisitions processes are the art of negotiation and understanding the selling party’s wishes and reasons for a deal to be successfully completed. Our cross-border experience allows us to spot cultural differences and prevent them from leading to a breakdown in the acquisition process. We prepare and advise our clients on how to approach meetings with the sellers, oversee the due diligence and support them throughout the process of closing the agreement.


These professionals will offer you the peace of mind and knowledge you need to seek ways to grow your business.


Below you will find opinion and analysis articles written by our professionals related to the Buy a company practice.

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M&A Events

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Our team, with its multi-industry and multi-market experience, has developed a unique ability to handle M&A projects. Independence, comprehensiveness, ethics and confidentiality are the values we stand for.

In line with our commitment to confidentiality, below are some of the projects we have been involved in.


  • Servo Motor – Sales mandate – Switzerland/China
  • Poultry equipament istribution – Sales mandate – Spain
  • Meat industry – Sales mandate – Spain


  • Distribution of material for industrial and domestic installations – Sales mandate – Spain
  • Fashion – Sales mandate – Spain
  • Distribution of beauty and hairdressing products – Sales mandate – Spain
  • Catering Services – Sales mandate – Spain
  • Organic Food – Sales mandate – Spain
  • Engineering and construction – Sales mandate – Spain


  • Construction materials – Sales mandate – Spain
  • Translation and localisation – Sales mandate – Spain
  • Information, education and enterteiment – Salese mandate – Italy
  • Distribution of electrical equipment – Sales mandate – Latin America/Spain
  • Translation and localisation – Purchase mandate – New Zeland
  • B2B Publishing – Sales mandate– Spain
  • Renewable energy – Strategic consultancy – Spain
  • Pharmaceutical industry – Sales mandate – Spain


  • Educational Games – Sales mandate – Asia
  • Electromechanical Components – Sales mandate – Spain
  • Information, education and entertainment – Purchase mandate – Spain
  • Automotive Industry – Purchase mandate – China
  • Tourism – Purchase mandate – China


  • Automotive Industry – Sales mandate – China
  • Electromechanical Industry – Purchase mandate – China
  • Women’s Fashion –  Sales mandate – Spain
  • Children’s fashion – Sales mandate – Spain
  • Fashion – Purchase mandate – Korea/China
  • Furniture and decoration – Sales mandate – Spain