Administrative law

Proven experience in solving all manner of procedures.

The AddVANTE Legal Department has well-established experience in all manner of administrative procedures and in counselling for legal relations of companies and private parties with the public administration nationally, regionally or locally.

How we can help you

Public procurement

Counselling for public and private entities in the analysis and preparation of administrative specifications for the invitation to tender of public sector contracts. Challenging of administrative procurement procedures.

Defaulting by the public administration

Claims for default interest from the public administration.

Administrative and contentious administrative appeals

Legal defence for all manner of procedures and appeals in the administrative and contentious administrative instances.

Administration pecuniary liability

Judicial actions for claims from public administrations for pecuniary liability.

Preparation of reports

Preparation of all manner of reports relating to administrative law.

Activity licenses

Counselling relating to administrative regulations that may affect your areas of activity (processing of documentation, licenses, authorisations, waste management and treatment, etc.).

Administrative law team

We have the best lawyers and professionals for you at state level in Commercial, Procedural and Labour Law, among other disciplines.

Administrative law solutions

Our professionals have developed tailor-made solutions for each case that will help you make the best decisions and obtain excellent results. Our proposals will enable you to obtain competitive advantages.

Administrative law articles

Below you will find opinion and analysis articles written by our professionals related to the Administrative law practice.