Family companies

We have a long track record in counselling family companies.

Our extensive experience allows us to provide counselling adapted to the specific characteristics and diversity of each situation, designing and planning the corporate operations needed to reach the optimal equity-based structure in each case.

Key issues we address

Estate planning

  • Planning for company inheritance, if applicable, by means of the establishment of a family protocol in order to maintain the exemption for tax on property and the allowance of tax on inheritance and donations.
  • Ongoing analysis of the tax system applicable to legal entities and individuals.
  • Design of the best equity-based structure from the standpoint of optimising taxes on income received by partners and the tax rate for tax on property by planning the obtainment of income that makes it possible to limit the sum to be paid in.
  • Counselling in compliance with obligations established by the standard in order to apply the fiscal benefits detailed and advice concerning the obligation to keep certain assets within the equity of the acquiring party.
  • Legal and fiscal impetus of the corporate operations needed to reach the appropriate equity-based structure promoting mergers, spin-offs, non-monetary contributions of assets or security swaps, as the case may be.
  • Calculation to reduce the fiscal burden stemming from the ultimate transfer of the family company owing to various taxes, as well as a tax-based analysis of possible consequences subsequent to the sale.

Establishment and maintenance of corporate structures

  • Ongoing analysis of fiscal policy of the company and its partners.
  • Fiscal viability in making various investments, determining the appropriateness of them being made by an individual or a company.
  • Subsequent preparation of statements for personal taxes; personal income tax and tax on property of people within a family group.

Interdisciplinary support

Assistance in inspection procedures arising in cases where the client has availed himself of the exemptions envisaged in the various regulations.

Family companies team

A team comprised of experts in the fiscal and tax fields will provide the best support to your company in its day-to-day operations.

Family companies solutions

Our consultants have extensive proven experience in providing consultancy services to companies of all sizes in different industries. We have companies that are market leaders on our books and we have resolved some complex cases.

Family companies articles

Below you will find opinion and analysis articles written by our professionals related to the Family companies practice.