Strategic analysis and planning

We are aware that increasing globalisation and competition have forced many companies to make major changes to their operations in recent years.

Nonetheless, the dynamics of everyday operations often mean that this exercise of reflection and refocus is often placed on the back burner with the risk entailed by a late reaction with limited margin for manoeuvre in rectifying the situation.

A strategic plan is a “vital tool” in assessing a company’s competitive position, establishing the desired, long-term future vision and defining the lines of action needed to suitably lead the company on the course to reach this vision.

As experts in strategic planning and management applied to several business sectors, we at AddVANTE will provide you with the methodology to prepare or update your strategic plan, offering the guidance, impetus and creativity needed to ensure it proves useful and effective.

How we can help you

  • Boosting and providing the methodological order needed to carry out the process.
  • Identifying changes in the environment that will affect your company.
  • Assessing your competitive positioning in-depth (internally/externally).
  • Tracing and deciding jointly on the actions that will have the greatest impact in terms of change.
  • Formalising the conclusions obtained in a document to serve as a roadmap and checklist for actions to be carried out as well as their impact in financial terms.

Strategic analysis and plannig team

Our consultants have extensive proven experience in providing consultancy services to companies of all sizes in different industries. We have companies that are market leaders on our books and we have resolved some complex cases.

Strategic analysis and planning solutions

Our professionals have developed tailor-made solutions for each case that will help you make the best decisions and obtain excellent results. Our proposals will enable you to obtain competitive advantages.

Strategic analysis and planning articles

Below you will find opinion and analysis articles written by our professionals related to the Strategic analysis and planning.

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