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Management of organisations in crisis

The role of the consultant is vital.

Led by major reductions in their margins and the drop in sales, many companies are focussing solely on their expansion model, on how to sell more or fervently seeking out optimisation of their organisation to reduce costs.

However, at times the key is not what is known but in exploring new forms of meeting clients' needs. We are in a time where constant changes in our environment create increasing complexity, more competition and new risks that may cast doubt on our market positioning.

Facing these questions and adapting to change calls for benefitting from a broad range of skills and resources that are not available to everyone.

We at AddVANTE want to provide our experience in managing such situations, we believe the consultant is vital as it can help you to reconsider your business model breaking the vicious circle generated by the company on a day-to-day basis.

How we can help you

  • Our work begins with a swift diagnosis.
  • An analysis of the business model.
  • Joint work to review trends and the positioning of our company in its environment.
  • We then prepare a restructuring plan including a host of measures and solutions according to established targets.
  • In most cases this will lead us to draw up a strategic plan to meet our new vision.
  • In certain cases, to assist the figure of the entrepreneur we resort to external professionals who join the crisis committee and ensure the restructuring plan is implemented, strengthening key areas of the business.
  • Change management calls for moves within the company. Accordingly, we provide support in the negotiations with stakeholders, often assuming external representation of the company, always under the control and consensus of the management.


David Martínez
Managing Partner of the Advisory Department
   +34 93 415 88 77