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Comprehensive assistance during all stages of the bankruptcy procedure.

The team of lawyers and economists at the Risk & Restructuring Department of AddVANTE have extensive experience in situations of company bankruptcy and “preparation and filing for voluntary and necessary arrangements with creditors”.

AddVANTE has intervened in the biggest five bankruptcy procedures submitted to the Commercial Court of Barcelona and in more than 200 to date.

Our key:
A clear interdisciplinary approach from a team specialising in each sector who cooperate in a cross-disciplinary manner from the commercial, labour, procedural and economic/financial standpoint in negotiations with financial institutions, investors and creditors nationally and internationally.

We wish to highlight our counselling in the pre-bankruptcy stage on several occasions acting as an independent expert, providing our experience in managing crisis situations in order to avoid a bankruptcy situation.

How we can help you

  • AIn-depth analysis and diagnosis of the specific situation in each case during the pre-bankruptcy stage.
  • Design of the most suitable strategy adapted to the various possible scenarios and observed needs.
  • Minimising the effects that may arise for both the company and its directors and partners.
  • Comprehensive assistance in all stages of the bankruptcy as lawyers, economists or independent experts.
  • Resolution of conflicts arising and stemming from a bankruptcy procedure.

Our comprehensive assistance throughout the bankruptcy procedure breaks down into three key scenarios:

Pre-bankruptcy situations

Analysis and diagnosis of the financial situation and assessment of possible alternatives intended to avoid the bankruptcy situation.

  • Analysis of the various alternatives for the company to assess the feasibility and implications of filing for bankruptcy, analysing the potential for reaching an early or an ordinary agreement with creditors.
  • Analysis of personal risks for directors, partners and shareholders of the company in relation to other companies in the group, shareholders’ holding companies and directors’ liability.
  • Analysis and review of the consequences of a bankruptcy for the company and the directors.
  • Financial modelling of the various possible scenarios for “debt relief and deferments” that could be considered to reach an agreement.

Preparation of arrangement with creditors

Filing for bankruptcy and assisting in preparing documents.

  • Processing the application for bankruptcy.
  • Expressive report to be attached to the application for voluntary bankruptcy.
  • Inventory and list of assets and rights in the company.
  • List of company creditors and debtors.
  • Report on major changes in equity subsequent to the latest financial statements drawn up and deposited, with operations which, based on their nature, purpose and amount, exceed the debtor's ordinary activities.

Bankruptcy process

Management of the bankruptcy procedure and comprehensive assistance throughout the process.

  • Representation and defence of creditors during all stages of the procedure.
  • Intervention as lawyers and bankruptcy administrators before the national and international courts of justice.
  • Litigation and arbitration: we act as legal representatives in lawsuits followed in the courts of justice.
  • Challenge and acknowledgment of credit.
  • Renegotiation of agreements with the main creditors, suppliers and clients of the company.
  • Preparation of the agreement with creditors and negotiation of an early or ordinary agreement, including preparation of a payment plan.
  • Enforcement and control of stipulated payment plans.
  • Management of bankruptcy incidents for termination of civil and commercial agreements and execution of rescission actions.
  • Management of procedures for workforce adjustment plans and individual dismissals.


Enric Faura
Partner of the Risk and Restructuring Department
   +34 93 415 88 77

Oriol Ripoll
Managing Partner of the Legal Department
   +34 93 415 88 77