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Quality Policy

At AddVANTE there are three fundamental pillars on which we base our philosophy: solid values, the quality and rigor of our professional services and continuous improvement in our processes.

The company

We consider business from a forward-thinking perspective
Our size, the depth of our knowledge of the different sectors and industries within national and international markets and a cross-disciplinary nature encompassing different disciplines give us a great capacity to transform complex environments and situations and to successfully drive and develop any challenge raised by our clients.

What makes us different
We are a flexible and dynamic organisation, geared towards innovation and customer service. Our principal objective is to improve our quality standards, optimise resources and manage internal processes effectively and efficiently and always with a sense of continuous improvement.

Vocation of service
Satisfying the needs and expectations of clients presents AddVANTE with a real challenge. To this end we put all our knowledge, skills and drive at your disposal with the principal objective of lending added value to your organisation and being your partner as you pursue excellence.

Proximity and harmony
Proximity and confidence form the core of our professional services. It is for this reason that AddVANTE’s philosophy is to build long lasting relationships with its clients and support them in their strategic growth.

National and international presence
We know that our clients have issues to resolve and business opportunities all over the world and at any time. Accordingly, we offer international support in the main strategic decisions and practical actions taking place in their specific jurisdictions as well as beyond those borders quickly, efficiently and directly.

People and human resources

Multidisciplinary team
AddVANTE is made up of a multidisciplinary team which comprises more than 80 professionals, including lawyers, economists, engineers and experts from different sectors. We believe that sharing knowledge and experience, together with the opportunity to assess problems from different professional perspectives, enhances the process of analysis and fosters creativity.

Innovative and dynamic spirit
Because we are alert to the constant evolution and new trends which exist in the world of business and within the market, we aim to be an organisation which is flexible, versatile and innovative. We also foster people’s participation and motivation not only through having a work environment which allows us to share ideas, experience and knowledge, but also by creating spaces for leisure and fun.

Human resources and employment policies
We pay particular attention to the professional and personal development of staff and are always interested in getting to know new professionals whose skills and experience can contribute to our growth. We implement equality and talent management policies, as well as career plans and specific training according to the individual goals of each employee.


A question of values
The philosophy of AddVANTE rests on three basic pillars: a clear vocation of service, a close relationship of trust and loyalty with our customers and staff and an innovative and creative spirit which will propel the growth of your business project.

Transparency and professional ethics
Our business culture and interventions are based on compliance with the legislation in force, as well as our honesty and profound ethical standpoint, which impacts on issues such as the decision making of our professionals as well as the way in which we deal with the customer.

Commitment to the environment
Our company is committed to sustainable development and protection of the environment.
We believe sincerely that our day to day actions contribute to the reduction of the environmental impact of our business.

Setember 25th of 2015

David Martínez
Managing Partner of the Advisory Department