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We offer counselling and support for all manner of conflict situations.

Based on a prior design of the overall strategy for action, AddVANTE carries out pre-judicial counselling and, if applicable, offers subsequent legal counsel for proceedings before the regular courts, arbitration courts and mediation centres.

How we can help you

Corporate conflicts and challenging corporate resolutions

  • Corporate conflicts.
  • Challenging corporate resolutions.
  • Actions for unfair management.
  • Actions for breach of corporate rights.
  • Actions for liability of corporate directors.

Commercial and civil agreements

Conflicts stemming from commercial and civil agreements such as agency, distribution, commercial purchase and sale, franchise, service provision, logistics, outsourcing, joint venture, supply, concession and license agreements:

  • Preventive counselling.
  • Judicial or arbitration procedures relating to termination, rescission or annulment of agreements.
  • Procedures for fulfilment and enforcement of agreements.
  • Claims for damages.

Insolvency and bankruptcy proceedings

Client counselling in insolvency situations including debt restructuring negotiations and legal defence for all stages in bankruptcy proceedings.

Intellectual and industrial property, and unfair competition

  • Defence and claims for trademark, patent and intellectual property right violations.
  • Judicial actions for unfair competition.

Liability actions

  • Contractual and extra-contractual liability.
  • Professional civil liability.
  • Liability for faulty products.
  • Public administration asset liability.
  • Liability of corporate directors.

Default reimbursement

Management of default reimbursements with prior counselling for the establishment of preventive action protocols by the client, pre-judicial and judicial claims both for declaration and enforcement stages.

Construction and real estate

  • Building defects and construction faults.
  • Contractual breaches for agreements in the real estate construction, development and sale sector.
  • Horizontal property.


  • Eviction demands due to lack of payment or non-fulfilment of contractual periods.
  • Actions for termination of "old scheme" lease agreements.
  • Judicial actions calling for compliance with lease agreements.
  • Actions for claims of deposits, defects on the property affected, maintenance and improvement works, etc.

Inheritances and wills

  • Challenging of wills.
  • Actions for the division and distribution of inheritances.
  • Claims for the legitime, legitime supplements, bequests, etc.

Judicial division of common property

Judicial procedures for cessation of joint ownership situations, administration of common property, etc.

Banking law

  • Banking debt restructuring negotiations.
  • Actions to render null and void banking sector agreements (swaps, pre-emptions, ground clauses, etc.).
  • Foreclosures.
  • Mortgage procedures.

Cross-border conflicts

Procedures for the acknowledgment and enforcement of judgments and arbitration awards with respect to the Spanish jurisdiction and the issue of national law reports to be brought to foreign courts.

Arbitration and mediation

Intervention in arbitration proceedings (Civil and Commercial Court of Arbitration, Chamber of Commerce, Institutional Arbitration, etc.) and mediation in conflicts.


Disqualification and supervision procedures, etc.


Ignasi Blajot
Partner of the Legal Department
   +34 93 415 88 77

Moisés Álvarez
Partner of the Legal Department
   +34 93 415 88 77