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Corporate compliance

Investment in prevention, anticipation and improvement of value for the shareholder.

The current regulatory panorama calls for companies to benefit from suitable legal advice to assess the risks linked to their activity, not only in cases of negotiation and approximation between purchase and sale operations and corporate transactions, but also as a tool for prevention and assessment of regulatory compliance.

The Corporate Compliance Department of AddVANTE has a multidisciplinary team of professionals in charge of assessing suitable operation of the governing and administrative bodies of companies.

Our goal is to ensure they reach high levels of competitiveness, generate trust and transparency for national and foreign shareholders and investors, improve internal control and the corporate responsibility of Spanish companies and ensure suitable segregation of functions, duties and responsibilities in companies based on maximum professionalism and rigour.

How we can help you

  • Criminal compliance. Assistance in the preparation, implementation and validation of crime prevention systems.
  • Ethical and social compliance.
  • Corporate governance compliance.
  • Legal compliance.
  • Financial compliance.
  • Review of implemented compliance models.
  • Definition of attributions and the structure of the company’s internal control body (compliance officer).
  • Assistance for the compliance officer in the tasks of continuous review of the efficiency of compliance systems to ensure they are constantly updated and aligned with the company's situation.
  • Training.
  • Legal assistance in any processes initiated.

Our unique value

It lies in the interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary nature of our team formed by experts in various topics and areas that will advise you on how to implement the suitable controls to identify and manage risks owing to breach of legal obligations in the light of the different and various applicable regulations.


Eulalia Rubio
Partner of the Legal Department
   +34 93 415 88 77

Ignasi Blajot
Partner of the Legal Department
   +34 93 415 88 77