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Venture Capital

AddVANTE has been actively involved in the set-up of countless companies over the past few years.

Fostering the creation and viability of young businesses with huge potential and establishing contact between and assisting investors and entrepreneurs at the same time from an equal standpoint.

How we can help you

Incorporation of start-ups
Counselling throughout the process for establishing a start-up company, preparing all the documents and agreements needed to ensure the legal viability of the company: articles of association, corporate resolutions, financial structure and market studies.

Venture capital operations
We help investors and entrepreneurs to coordinate their synergies to prepare the entry of the first stakeholders in start-up companies, providing clients with all our knowledge on company law and venture capital to ensure all the interests at stake are met.

Leveraged and management buyout operations
Counselling for leveraged acquisitions of companies entailing a change of control thereof, as well as company acquisitions by their management teams.

Stock options
We seek out the formula that best adapts to your company to offer your employees and managers an incentive model aimed at maximising and optimising their performance within the company in order to create added value for your clients and increase the viability of start-ups and other companies.

Our unique value

It lies in the interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary nature of our team with capacity to advise you throughout the entire purchase and sale process for companies and investments.

Our team is formed by lawyers and economists who can intervene from the start of the operation, analysing with application of due diligence from the various legal, fiscal, labour, regulatory, environmental, administrative and financial standpoints and providing a detailed report on the company.


Eulalia Rubio
Partner of the Legal Department
   +34 93 415 88 77

Oriol Ripoll
Managing Partner of the Legal Department
   +34 93 415 88 77