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The ecosystem tokenization era has begun, and the switch from centralised business circles to decentralised circles based on the creation and transfer of assets is reaching dizzy heights thanks to the new technology known as "blockchain".

Today's world is full of different types of assets (money, gold, real estate, securities, intellectual property, etc.), many of which are difficult to exchange or divide. Blockchain provides the solution to this problem.

Blockchain technology allows for digitalised information units to be designed that contain property right elements to which their owner has exclusive access and that can be defended from third parties. It contains the tools to program a unique information code that attributes this property right and allows for the secure, public transfer of the new types of digital property assets (project tokenization).

Furthermore, the introduction of Smart Contract Systems into the blockchain application has added new functions and property concepts that allow for bilateral or multilateral programmes to be run in line with prior contracts and contractual conditions to define a Code of Law.

In light of these challenges, the AddVANTE Blockchain department offers technology and business solutions based on blockchain technology and DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology). Its mission is to provide its clients with legal advice and technical knowledge, acting as a guide to help them grow and adapt in the new environment generated by the blockchain technology and the digital asset and crypto currency community.

Our goal is to provide top-class solutions and services in blockchain, smart contracts and project tokenization. We focus on the needs of each client. We seek to connect organisations and individuals with blockchain technology and its regulatory and technical requirements to ensure successful projects with greater added value.

We have extensive professional experience in regulatory and legal areas and in strategic business consulting. With our great experience in the financial and technology sectors, we offer our clients advice on transactions relating to blockchain and digital tokens, providing state-of-the-art, high-level and sophisticated international legal advice on their approaches, and on a wide range of financial and corporate transactions to add value to all types of tangible and intangible assets.


  • Legal advice.
  • Project tokenization.
  • Business strategy.
  • Project funding.

How we can help you

  • Legal advice on matters regarding blockchain and DLT regulations involving both Governments and security token (STOs) issuers, methods of payment and utility tokens (ICOs).
  • Blockchain Data Lawyer Compliance.
  • Legal advice on virtual asset sale transactions (cryptos and tokens).
  • Advice in KYC/AML on offerings of crypto currencies, utilities and securities.
  • Development of custom money laundering prevention programmes for blockchain companies.
  • Corporate and regulatory advice to startups in relation to blockchain.
  • Responding to requirements in informative and disciplinary proceedings from regulatory bodies (CNMV, FINMA, SEC, etc.).
  • Advice on employment remuneration with crypto currencies.
  • Advice on bankruptcy and the fraudulent placement of digital financial instruments.
  • National and international advice on obtaining exchange, broker-dealers, alternative trade systems and e-money licences.
  • Advice on public and private placements of project token offerings related to blockchain.
  • Representation of limited partners in investments made in equity (SAFE) or in future digital assets (SAFT).
  • Advice on the design and implementation of blockchain projects for companies.
  • Advice on the design and feasibility analysis of blockchain-based business models.


Xavier Gasia
Partner of the Blockchain Department
   +34 93 415 88 77

David Martínez
Partner of the Blockchain Department
   +34 93 415 88 77


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