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La protección de datos en las relaciones laborales
The Spanish Data Protection Agency has produced a guide that aims to facilitate compliance with data protection regulations in the field of labour relations. ...
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Income tax return 2020 and ERTE workers
Many workers were in ERTE during 2020 due to the impact of COVID-19. We analyse its possible effects on the Income Tax Return. ...
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Nuevos requerimientos en el registro retributivo y Planes de Igualdad obligatorios para empresas de más de 100 trabajadores
El 14 de abril de 2021 ha entrado en vigor el RD 902/2020, que aumenta los requerimientos exigidos en los registros salariales que deben realizar las empresas. Adicionalmente, el RD 901/2020 establece la obligatoriedad de realizar un Plan de Igualdad ...
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New automated infringement reports from the Labour Inspectorate
The Labour Inspectorate may issue automated infringement reports without the need for an official to act. ...
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Supreme Court puts an end to paid leave for accompanying children to the doctor
The Supreme Court ruling (SC 09-12-2020) has established this action as unpaid leave. ...
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Víctor Jiménez

Partner of the Labour Management Department

A specialist in labour administration and management of companies and the development and implementation of BPO solutions outsourcing the labour and HR areas


Víctor has extensive knowledge in the development and administration of comprehensive labour management for SMEs, cooperatives and associations and for major corporations and Spanish subsidiaries of multinational firms.

He has extensive experience in providing labour advice to companies and with all manner of administrative procedures in professional work environments, labour due diligence, training management, implementation of flexible remuneration plans and relations with the labour authorities.

It is pertinent to highlight his specialisation in implementing staff administration and management process outsourcing solutions lending robustness and value to business projects by using efficient technological applications and direct, secure communication. At present, he is responsible for management and labour counselling at several companies and for the start-up and development of labour outsourcing in several businesses.

Educational history

  • Degree in Political and Administration Sciences from Pompeu Fabra University, 2003.
  • Degree in Labour Sciences from Pompeu Fabra University, 2004.
  • Master’s degree in Management and Administration of Human Capital in the Company from the University of Barcelona, 2005.

Associations and professional networks

Member of the Spanish Association for People Management and Development (AEDIPE).

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