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Recent rulings consider that minor adjustments to employees' working hours, which previously could be varied unilaterally by the company, must now pass the control of substantial modifications of working hours in case they affect the right to reconciliation of work ...
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Find out about the new labour and Social Security measures introduced in the new Royal Decree-Law 6/2022 of 29 March adopting urgent measures within the framework of the National Response Plan to the economic and social consequences of the war ...
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The Fourth Chamber of the Supreme Court in its recent rulings considers that the increase must be applied in the terms contemplated in the Workers' Statute, not affecting those who are already receiving a higher salary on an annual basis. ...
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The approval of a new Royal Decree Law (2/2022 of 22 February) proposes new measures to support companies and the self-employed to overcome the COVID-19 crisis. ...
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On 31 December 2021, Royal Decree-Law 32/2021 of 28 December, on urgent measures for labour reform, the guarantee of employment stability and the transformation of the labour market, which amends the Workers' Statute and other labour regulations, all of which ...
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Moisés Álvarez

Partner of the Legal Department

A multidisciplinary lawyer with the capacity to take on, develop and define the best procedural and extraprocedural strategy to follow in complex issues covering a range of legal topics


Moisés is a lawyer specializing in procedural law and has a extensive experience advising mostly companies in the areas of hiring and administrative litigation.

He has led civil, commercial, labor matters and has acted before all kinds of organs and procedures (Courts of First and Second Instance, Supreme Court, Arbitration, etc.) and all kinds of resources (Appeal, Supplication, Cassation, Procedural Infringement, etc.).

His work focuses on comprehensive advice to the client, covering multiple areas of Law, always with the purpose of avoiding litigation, trying to strengthen the client’s position in the event of a lawsuit and, where appropriate, preparing and processing legal representation from the point of procedural view, in close collaboration with the team of consultants and auditors of the “AddVANTE Forensic Area”, as well as with the best external advisors in specialized forensic matters.

Educational history

  • Degree in Law from the University of Girona, 2003.
  • Course on the new bankruptcy law taught at the Association of Mercantile Holders, Auditors and Managers of Girona, 2010.
  • Several courses specialising in labor, fiscal, tax and accounting law.

Events, conferences and seminars

Moisés has taken part as a speaker in several courses and seminars organised by AddVANTE regarding labour, procedural and commercial law.

Associations and professional networks

Member of Girona Bar Association.

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Av. Josep Tarradellas, 123 9a. Planta
08029 Barcelona
Tel. (+34) 93 415 88 77

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