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Possibility to recover BAT for COVID-19 restrictions
The recent ruling of an administrative court in Valencia opens a way to apply for IAE refunds due to the declaration of the state of alarm by COVID-19 and the restrictions on businesses that were forced to close. ...
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Reclamación de la plusvalía municipal
Following the Constitutional Court's ruling declaring the unconstitutionality of the municipal capital gains tax, certain transfers of real estate remain in regulatory limbo. The DGT has published a consultation that sheds light on the tax situation of these transfers. ...
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Recuperación del IVA en facturas impagadas
In view of the possible increase in late payments in the coming months, it is worth remembering that there is a specific procedure for recovering the VAT charged on unpaid invoices from the Tax Authorities. ...
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Refund of input tax in the EU
Next September 30th is the deadline to request the refund of VAT paid in other European Union countries. ...
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Our obligation to make a statement for the control of tourist apartments
The new informative statement on the assignment of housing for use by tourists was approved by Order HFP/544/2018 of 24 May approving form 179 - “Quarterly informative statement of the assignment of the use of housing for tourism purposes”. This ...
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Maite Cubero

Tax advisor

An economist with extensive experience in tax and accounting advice for businesses and/or professionals from different economic sectors


Maite has been working in the business and professional advisory sector for more than ten years. She specialises in tax and accountancy, with duties relating to the entire accounting process for companies, primarily SMEs, such as the preparation of accounts for period closure and the economic-financial reports relating to them.

She also has experience in providing tax advice and planning, both on a national and an international level.

She has solid experience in tasks relating to the preparation and supervision of all types of tax return, as well as assisting clients in tax inspection and review procedures, the preparation of allegations and appeals to the Inland Revenue, taxation on tax-consolidation groups, processes of Due Diligence, transfer pricing studies, etc.

Academic background

  • Degree in Business Administration and Management from Pompeu Fabra University (UPF), 2006.
  • Master’s degree in Fiscal Policy from IDEC-UPF, 2010.
  • Attendance to many courses specialising in the tax field.

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