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Mistakes in a company's sales process (II)
As we mentioned in the previous article, the key to the success of an M&A process is to avoid making mistakes that could ultimately ruin the process or weaken our selling position and end up affecting the final value of ...
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Mistakes in a company's sales process (I)
Going through an M&A process can be an intimidating journey, even though the different phases are well determined there is always the possibility of falling into beginner's mistakes. These are the 5 mistakes to avoid in any process in order ...
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Mergers and acquisitions as a competitive strategy
Working with mergers and acquisitions as a strategic option can offer companies a competitive advantage that improves their positioning vis-à-vis customers and suppliers and is difficult for competitors to copy ...
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What are Search Funds?
An alternative to take into account for those entrepreneurs who are thinking of selling their company. ...
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When and how is the best time to sell my company?
The first question that arises when an entrepreneur starts to consider the future of his or her company is to decide when to make the decision ...
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Lluís Lluch

Partner of the M&A Department

Lluís has a long track record in Mergers and Acquisitions processes, having been involved in Spanish and international transactions, and has specific experience in operations with Chinese companies. He has broad experience both in the industrial and in the technological sectors


He was founder and CEO of Barcelona Business Landing, a company specialised in M&A processes and landing strategies for companies with commercial and investment interests in Spain.

In his professional career he has also been involved in business internationalisation and has considerable experience in Africa, the Middle East and Asia. For five years he likewise headed the International Promotion department of Barcelona Chamber of Commerce and developed internationalisation programmes for SMEs and specific programmes for start-ups in Silicon Valley.

Educational history

  • Merger & Acquisition Programme at the London Business School, 2016.
  • Global CEO Programme at IESE, 2009.
  • Master’s Degree in International Business from ESCI/UPF, 2002.
  • Diploma in International Finance from IEF, 1996.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in International Business from BMS/ Oxford Brookes University, 1995.

Events, conferences and seminars

Lluís regularly takes part in seminars and at conferences on Mergers and Acquisitions. He taught on the MBA at the UPF, was enterprise professor at CETT and project director at ESCI. He collaborates as a speaker at the Entrepreneurs’ School Foundation.

Professional networks and associations

  • Member of the Private Equity, M&A and Venture Capital network.
  • Member of the China M&A, PE and VC network.
  • Member of Barcelona Global.
  • Member of Fundació Escola Emprenedors.

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