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The Supreme Court concludes that the exemption for income from work provided from abroad can also be applied to administrators
Finally, the Supreme Court (SC), on appeal, considers that the exemption of 7.p) of the Personal Income Tax Law, for income obtained abroad, can also be applied to the administrators and members of the board of directors of the entities ...
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The TSJ of Catalonia opens the door to the exemption of the income of administrators who provide their services from abroad
In a recent ruling, the High Court of Justice of Catalonia considers that the personal income tax exemption for income obtained abroad should also be applicable to directors of entities ...
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The TEAC's change of criteria obliges the Administration to regularise VAT in full, without the need for the taxpayer to reclaim it
The Central Economic Administrative Court (TEAC) introduces a change of criterion favourable to the taxpayer, whereby the Administration must regularise the VAT payments unduly charged, and it is not necessary for the taxpayer to request an autonomous refund procedure ...
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Effects of the Catalan Government's Tax Fraud Prevention and Reduction Plan
The Catalan Tax Agency brought to light 219 million euros in its fight against tax fraud during 2020. ...
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Reinvestment in primary residence in a house under construction
The Supreme Court allows the application of the personal income tax exemption on the capital gain obtained from the sale of the primary residence, provided that the reinvestment is made within two years of the sale, regardless of whether the ...
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Eva Mª Rodríguez


Technician specialising in fiscal counselling for individuals and legal entities in order to optimise fiscal costs


Eva has extensive experience in fiscal counselling and tax optimisation for individuals and legal entities.

She is part of the tax planning department and is involved in several tax procedures, fiscal planning for individuals and legal entities, counselling in relation to fiscal technical queries, due diligence on the purchase and sale of companies and any other in-depth study to optimise the tax burden.

She also takes part in preparing the lodging of claims and appeals before administrative bodies and administrative and economic courts for verification, collection, inspection and sanctioning procedures.

Educational History

  • Degree in Business Administration and Management from the University of Barcelona, 2007.
  • Master’s degree in Tax Management and Consultancy from ESADE Law Faculty (Ramon Llull University), 2008.
  • Attendance to many courses specialising in the tax field.

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