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Fake news, protection of the right to honour and liability of digital platforms in the civil sphere
Barely a week ago, the ruling of the 6th section of the Criminal Division of the Barcelona Provincial Court, which contained the first conviction in Spain for disseminating fake news, was made public through the media. ...
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Euthanasia and living wills
The Spanish legal system regulates for the first time the right to active euthanasia, which will coexist with the right to passive euthanasia, with regard to which the living will is a written provision of fundamental importance. ...
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Derechos hereditarios del cónyuge viudo y la pareja de hecho
The widowed spouse and the life partner have a number of inheritance rights to the estate of the deceased spouse or life partner regardless of any testamentary provisions that may have been made. ...
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The Generalitat decrees the reduction of rents in the leasing of business premises
The Government of the Generalitat de Catalunya decrees the reduction of rent in the leasing of business premises in which commercial or industrial activities are carried out in cases in which the competent authority imposes restrictions or the suspension of ...
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Impacto del coronavirus en los contratos de arrendamiento
The Council of Ministers has approved a new Royal Decree-Law adopting additional urgent social and economic measures to deal with COVID-19. ...
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Eduardo Barragán


Lawyer specialising in legal consultancy and counselling for complex operations that may lead to disputes


Eduardo has extensive knowledge of civil, regional autonomous, commercial, real estate and mortgage law as a result of his preparation for the competitive examination to become a Property, Commercial and Personal Property Registrar.

A member of the procedural law department, as a highly qualified lawyer specialising in the analysis of especially complex situations, he provides legal consultancy and counselling in commercial, civil, regional autonomous, real estate, mortgage and international private law. He seeks to strengthen clients’ positions legally out of court to avoid a potential suit as well as in court by representing individuals in litigation.

Educational history

  • Degree in Law from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, 2004.
  • Competitive examination to become a Property, Commercial and Personal Property Registrar, 2014

Professional networks and associations

  • Member of Barcelona Bar Association (ICAB).

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