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Fiscal cost is “capital”.
Company optimisation and fiscal improvement programme.

Analysing and diagnosing risks.
Optimising and reducing the fiscal cost.
Obtaining immediate results.

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The tax obligations imposed on companies and the level of complexity of tax-related decisions are ever more stringent.

Without realising it, many owners and/or directors of SMEs, focussed on their business and without much time, acknowledge that they fail to suitably control and monitor the tax and accounting matters of their companies.

In many cases, these directors blindly trust the work carried out by their accountant or manager, without having the tools, technology or skills for assessing the work carried out by the latter, taking on risks in relation to tax management which may ultimately result in unpleasant surprises.

Our solution, the “Optimisation and fiscal improvement programme”, will afford you a global vision of your tax risks, from an external and independent perspective, by means of an agile, swift and effective report incorporating a series of proposals and ideas to improve the tax and accounting management of your business at a minimum cost.

Accordingly, you will be aware of your risks and be able to adopt direct and indirect application measures and take full advantage of the optimisation and tax reduction opportunities offered by the current legislation.

Key issues we address

We review the submission and correct completion of the tax obligations of your company.

We analyse the risks and possible tax contingencies that may affect the company for all taxes (VAT, personal income tax, non-resident income tax, company tax, tax on economic activities).

We study the various alternatives allowing you to counteract or minimise the impact of said risks and/or contingencies in the short- and medium-term.

We will inform you of the tax advantages that may apply in each specific case as well as of any other relevant aspect that may be of interest for a suitable and optimum fiscal planning for companies and individuals.

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