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Tax groups

Obtaining financial advantages reducing the VAT cost for your business.

Our aim is to help you optimise and/or reduce fiscal costs for the host of companies in a group or for those companies paying VAT without the right to a deduction, taking into consideration the various specific schemes afforded by current Spanish legislation.

How we can help you

  • Analysis of the suitability of opting for a fiscal group system (fiscal consolidation) to reduce taxation and the formal obligations relating to transfer pricing.
  • Study of the benefits and drawbacks of applying fiscal consolidation schemes in company tax for an accounting consolidation group and in value added tax for groups: compensation of losses and balances to be offset, removal of intragroup operations, joint cash-flow management, administrative simplification, etc.
  • Assistance in adopting the agreements needed and with the mandatory procedures to opt for the specific schemes.
  • Closure of the fiscal year taking into account the specific characteristics of the fiscal groups.
  • Review, preparation and submission of tax statements.


Ángel Pérez
Partner of the Tax Planning Department
   +34 93 415 88 77