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Corporate Finance

Strategies intended to maximise shareholder value.

It has often been wrongly believed that growth via acquisitions was reserved for major corporations and that SMEs would be sentenced to wait to be acquired by a larger competitor or disappear due to being too small.

Nonetheless, the development of today's capital market has helped to demystify these beliefs giving rise to concentration processes led by medium-sized companies with the support of financial and/or industrial investors.

Along these lines, AddVANTE M&A can help you by acting at critical times when swift decision-making is needed with creative solutions and ideas that lend value to the future of your business, regardless of size, volume, sector or the industry to which it pertains.

Our extensive experience in corporate finance allows us to provide comprehensive advice, from start to finish for all merger and acquisition processes, divestiture processes and even in building strategic alliances.

How we can help you

The key purpose of a merger process is to create value from the synergies arising from the combination of both businesses to allow the mix to generate a better market position, to favour cross selling and access to new channels for the sale of products and services and to transform the outcome into a more efficient, profitable structure.

In this respect, to choose the ideal candidate it is essential to conduct an in-depth analysis of the financial, operational and commercial situation, in addition to a study on the cultural integration and match of each of the companies deciding to merge.

Creating value and obtaining a critical size are the main reasons for a company acquisition process to be undertaken.

Our experience tells us that the main reasons for companies to consider inorganic growth are linked to the need to grow by attracting new clients, accessing new markets, incorporating new technologies, people and talent and acquiring tangible and intangible assets to become more competitive and efficient.

A divestiture process should take into consideration many factors, including:

  • Advice on the sales process strategy.
  • Identifying, analysing and presenting the business for sale, showcasing all value factors and appealing aspects for potential buyers.
  • Identifying potential buyers in a specific manner and showcasing the opportunity in a structured fashion.
  • Support and pro-activeness in managing and executing commercial negotiation.
  • Managing the process to obtain the best results for our clients without this causing any interference to the business activity.
  • Maximum sensitivity in assuring confidentiality in the process is a priority for AddVANTE M&A.

Strategic alliances
Establishing strategic alliances, joint ventures and commercial agreements that improve your operating account will help you to improve your company's position, develop your business and increase the valuation of your company as a whole.