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Strategic advice

Progressing towards the future calls for strategies that work.

In the current climate, preparing a company for a sales operation calls for comprehensive planning of each and every step.

Indeed, AddVANTE M&A can help you to plan and define the primary lines of action on which to focus efforts in the medium- and long-term in conjunction with the general management, the board of directors or the owner in all areas of your company.

How we can help you

Business plans
A good business plan must constitute a powerful tool for sales communication relating to an original idea that will make it possible to envision future company prospects from this very moment.

The primary goal of this plan is to be able to communicate, appeal to and convince potential investors who have the financial resources for developing it.

Corporate development and growth plans
A detailed development and growth plan will provide you with many benefits, including improved company returns in terms of sales and market presence and planning for growth looking ahead to between 1 and 5 years, establishing business opportunities, markets of interest and corporate, departmental and individual targets.

Strategic plan
A strategic plan is generally composed of an internal and external analysis, a diagnosis and a host of recommendations to define at least three key points over a period of between 1 and 5 years:

  • Numerical and time-based objectives.
  • Internal conduct and policies: variables on which your company can have a direct influence to favour the reaching of targets.
  • The execution of end actions to reach those targets.

Participation on boards of directors
Often companies decide to incorporate into their boards of directors the figure of independent director unrelated to the organisation who lends the value of his knowledge to define corporate strategies, whilst offering his experience in other businesses, sectors and industries.

Moreover, the role of independent expert allows the individual to act with full objectivity in setting out the reasoning and the pros and cons, for decision-making by shareholders and/or executives.