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Tax compliance

Many managers and directors of administration and finance areas cannot pay close enough attention to their company's tax affairs.

In addition, constant changes in legislation, the increasing level of complexity in tax decisions and the breadth of tax obligations that must be met mean companies need to constantly stay up-to-date and require major specialisation.

Indeed, AddVANTE offers you a tax management and advice service that perfectly adapts to each type of client: freelancers, SMEs, start-ups, major corporations and business groups in most sectors and industries nationally, regionally and locally.

As experts in tax consultancy and management, we offer a wide range of solutions to ensure each client meets his tax obligations, improving the management thereof and seeking maximum optimisation and efficiency to enable clients to invest as little time as possible in this task.

Specifically, we provide advice on, review and complete the various tax statements clients need to submit to the tax authorities nationally and in the various autonomous regional and local administrations in accordance with applicable tax laws and the guidelines set by each client.

Cómo podemos ayudarle

  • Registration and cancellation of tax obligations.
  • Preparation of monthly or quarterly VAT and income tax statements.
  • Preparation of company tax statements and payments on account thereof.
  • Personal income tax and property statement.
  • Registration, cancellation and changes regarding business tax.
  • Representation in procedures with the tax authorities: checks, verifications and inspections.
  • Submission of appeals concerning taxes to the administration.


  • Capitalising on the tax optimisation opportunities offered by current legislation.
  • Being constantly up-to-date concerning tax legislation.
  • More time for planning.
  • Greater swiftness and efficiency in your tax management.
  • Ongoing information about possible tax contingencies and the effects thereof.
  • Less unexpected surprises from the tax authorities.

Interdisciplinary support

In addition, we can offer you a team of experts to represent you and advise you in relation to any actions by the authorities to check and/or inspect your taxes, thereby ensuring such verifications are solved in the best way possible.


José María López
Partner of the Financial Fiscal Department
   +34 93 415 88 77