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Labour, tax and financial compliance

A good business idea should be founded on excellent management and administration.
It should be accompanied by reliable administrative processes that offer suitable responses to regulations in terms of labour, tax and financial requirements applicable to all business activities.

Continual changes affecting the economy compel companies to adapt their practices to specific standards; hence, the purpose of compliance.

Compliance is a key aspect in the operation of a company as it relates to compliance with regulations or norms linked to the operation of a business. Companies are subject to an increasingly demanding legislative environment that forces them to continually update their operation in many cases in a manner that is beyond the scope of certain organisations.

The implementation of legislative changes in the labour, financial and tax-related spheres is the direct responsibility of managers or employees.

Indeed, at AddVANTE we can provide a suitable regulatory compliance system that will enable you to suitably meet said responsibilities and substantially reduce potential associated risks.

Key issues we address

  • Assistance with the day-to-day running of management and compliance with labour, tax, accounting and treasury obligations.
  • Keeping the accounts and preparing and submitting the books required by commercial and tax legislation.
  • Regular individual or consolidated management reports.
  • Assistance with audits.
  • Preparation of financial reports for the management.
  • Review, monitoring and/or completion of tax statements.
  • Outsourcing of financial/administrative processes: invoicing, cash flow statements, banking reconciliation, preparation of internal reports and transfer orders, etc.
  • Preparation of economic reports, cost analyses and company documents needed to submit an application for funding to banking institutions.
  • Labour management: monthly preparation of employee pay slips, monthly social security contribution forms (TC1 and TC2) and certificates of withholdings on employee salaries.
  • Registry of employment contracts, employee social security registration and numbers.


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