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Business process outsourcing (BPO)

Maximising efficiency in operations management calls for the application of bold, effective measures.

In order to face these challenges and address these transformations successfully, it is necessary for companies to adapt their resources to work in a more intelligent manner, focussing all their efforts on their core business.

Through SmartBPO, ndistinguished, innovative BPO model, AddVANTE will help you to simplify your administrative operations and processes swiftly and effectively, facilitating decision making in the management of your business.

Our proposal is built around the advantages offered by cloud computing and big data management combined with “competitive intelligence” and “business intelligence” tools, making it possible to benefit from technologies that were hitherto only available through huge investments.

We help you to “make more with less” thanks to:

  • A host of administrative process outsourcing services and solutions to allow you to focus all your efforts on your core business by outsourcing resources that fail to lend added value to your activity.
  • The simplification of your operations and processes and the development of the operational agility and skills needed to act at any time.
  • The integration of smart tools to help provide the swiftness needed for strategic, operational decision-making on day-to-day affairs and to allow you to make the most of your business potential.
  • Scorecards making it possible for you to gain a swift, well-structured understanding of the development and situation of the financial, labour and commercial management of your company in real time thanks to live reporting on the monitoring of your business.
  • Our experience in managing businesses in complex settings and strength in the application of technological solutions.
  • The analysis and integration of information on your business and the proposal of less traditional, more varied viewpoints to address problems.

Work methodology

In order to be aligned with the goals of our clients we have developed a work methodology that allows us to combine three key modules that will help you to manage and direct your business to improve its competitiveness.

Analysis and diagnosis of work processes
We carry out process consulting to analyse a company's administrative flows, we assess them and offer improvements to act in a more efficient, safe and productive manner.

Process outsourcing
We use advanced computer systems and today's communication channels (Internet) to automate the procedure as far as possible, avoiding the exchange of documents and manual work.

Likewise, thanks to data mining and exploitation, we have set up a major strategic tool to allow companies to improve their performance, control costs, reduce risks, encourage cooperation, improve transparency and sustain their growth.

Competitive intelligence
Our competitive intelligence unit enables you to raise your business intelligence level by interrelating and/or correlating your company's internal data with those of the competitive environment.

Connecting these three modules allows organisations to exponentially improve their competitiveness and efficiency.


David Martínez
Managing Partner of the Advisory Department
   +34 93 415 88 77