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Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

Value-generating transactions.
We help companies to promote their growth through corporate operations and transactions enabling them to adapt, change pace and maximise their value.

Nowadays, in a mergers and acquisitions sector constantly evolving in parallel to globalisation, a good contact diary is not enough in order to ensure the success of a transaction.

The current market calls on M&A professionals to be increasingly creative and rigorous in designing and executing their proposals with high standards of quality and flexibility to adapt to the needs of each operation.

We build successful operations

AddVANTE M&A is an independent firm offering its clients financial and strategic advice for all manner of corporate operations and transactions, mergers, acquisitions, strategic alliances and the quest for public and private capital and funding nationally and internationally, regardless of the size, volume, sector or industry to which your company belongs.

Our approach centres on three primary assets that will help you to manage every operation and will mark the future course of your organisation: the strategic vision of the business, the generation of value in each transaction and the assistance of a multidisciplinary team of professionals in a position to provide answers to the challenges posed and the complexity entailed by the current environment, conducting analyses from a range of standpoints in order to lend maximum value to each transaction.

Multidisciplinary team

The team of partners and professionals at AddVANTE M&A is highly qualified with ideal training and extensive experience in all manner of merger and acquisition operations between Spanish companies and multinational corporations.

We are multilingual with specialised profiles to deal with all aspects of every project with extensive knowledge of markets and how businesses operate nationally and overseas.

Our broad knowledge of various sectors and industries and extensive expertise in corporate finance, enables us to help you with creative ideas and solutions lending value for the future of your business.

From the very financial and strategic definition of each corporate transaction to the more operational and necessary aspects such as support for due diligence, trategy and negotiation processes, along with complete legal and financial advice

Our client experience allows us to remain aligned with your organisation providing an overview encompassing all areas of the company, working to be acquainted with the circumstances of your business model, sharing your ambitions and offering support in the main strategic decisions focussed on finding the most suitable (financial or strategic) investor or company that could potentially be interested in a purchase or sale.

Our work methodology focuses on three primary points:

  • An initial meeting with the client in order to gain an initial idea of the project to be developed.
  • Preparation of the most suitable plan of action according to needs.
  • A working philosophy focussed on creating value and obtaining an optimal result.

Key issues we address

  • Preparation of a blind company profile to submit to a possible target.
  • In-depth study of the sector to become familiar with all the nuances and be able to optimally advise the client.
  • Direct communication with the client through weekly meetings.
  • In-depth quest for a target that is perfectly aligned with the parameters established by the client.
  • Advice for negotiations with the target and, in particular, in justifying the valuation of the company and the pertinent investments, as well as the most suitable structure for a transaction.
  • Comprehensive advice providing all our experience until the operation is closed.


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